The Cat’s Curse

So we were talking about anything and everything and somehow we wound up talking about starting a new organisation called, the Society for the Prevention of Copulation of Animals (yes, also SPCA). I think our initial idea was to prevent humans from copulating with animals (don’t ask!) But then PL said that when she was very young (about primary or pre-primary), she had already prevented a cat from mounting another.

She said at the time, she thought one of the cat was trying to attack the other and so she threw stones at the aggressive cat. And managed to scare it off. So she had been an unofficial and practising member of SPCA since then.

But man, that would have been one massively frustrated tomcat!

“Why did you stop me from having fun, you small stupid human! She was all willing! Just for that, you will never find a partner in this life time!”

Fortunately, the phrase “in this life time” as thought by a cat applies to his concept of a lifetime which as about 10 – 15 years (average life span of a cat), tho there has been some long-lived cats who lived up to 38 years old!

So yeah. I think the cat finally died about 2 years ago. Aged about 30.

And the curse died with him.

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