Preparing for the Wedding Mass

So we met with the priest who will be celebrating our wedding Mass.

He was quietly efficient and did not try to make too much small talk as he went about doing the paperwork. Which is fine by PL and me. She’s not garrulous. I’m garrulous to avoid talking about important things.

Then we had to swear on the Bible! “F##k!”

No, not that kind of swearing.

We had swear to answer questions truthfully like, are we freely consenting to getting married, intend to stay married til death do us part (which come to think of it, could mean the only way PL can get rid of me is to KILL me. Hmmm. Should we be giving that woman ideas like that?)

Then there was the matter of the readings for the Mass.

The second reading is a classic for wedding mass: 1 Corinthian 13.

The first reading we have selected is Song of Songs (a.k.a. Song of Solomon). My brother selected something from Song of Songs for his wedding, but ours will be slightly more risque: 4:7 – 16 (IMHO)

Okay, you may have to read between the lines.

For the Gospel reading, we went with my brother’s selection but slightly shorter: John 17:20-23.

The Priest wondered why we selected this passage as it was Jesus praying for his disciples.

It was just a line within: “that they may become perfectly one” that Jesus prayed. The priest accepted that answer.

We did our homework.

Oh, one minor thing. We handed him our Baptism certificates, and he went to make copies, but when he returned, he only returned the PL’s Baptism Certificate! I didn’t get mine back!

Oh well, I will only need it if I want to get married. Again. In church.

So he probably has no hope of me getting married again. Or maybe he’s saying, if I let PL get away I deserve to die alone and lonely.

And maybe his message to PL is, “you can have a second chance!”

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