Hair today, gone tomorrow

So I’m almost 50 and I’m losing my hair faster than I can replace them. At least on the top of my head. The ones on my face seems to be holding their own… so far. (Strangely, there does not seem to be any “balding” of facial hair. I wonder why.)

Most men seem to believe that they are like Samson, and that their strength lies in their hair.

And many businesses have no qualms about exploiting this insecurity men have about balding.

This one promises you… well, read for yourself.

Designed to inspire confidence!

Designed to inspire confidence!

The simple fact is that there is no real cure for baldness. So anyone that promises to help you cure baldness may well be promising you a hair raising experience in more ways than one.

The above is of course another example of “Chinglish”, which may inadvertently be presenting their services in a manner more dire than they intended.

So I guess the ultimate irony would be splashing hair “tonic” (or whatever product the “hair restoring businesses” are selling) on your scalp, while shaving your face.

Which is why I don’t shave,

What God has given, God can take away. 🙂

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