What dreams may come…

So PL had a dream that on our wedding day, we both turned up but forgot to wear our wedding gown and suit.

“So… what were we wearing?” I asked in my most innocent manner.

“Our office attire. We came straight from work.”

Hmmm… if in her dream we had gotten married naked, that would be easier to interpret… the usual vulnerability… defenselessness… insecurity…  But office attire? She is a REAL workaholic!

Or maybe it means that we are taking the whole business a little too casual, too matter-of-fact, too routine. So it was just another “to-do” item on our list? To do right after work, and maybe before dinner? 🙂

Oh, and her father had made a suit for the occasion (in real life), so in the dream he scolded her for making him waste his money.

So… she’s feeling guilty for causing her parents (her father in particular) to spend money?

I don’t know.

Any dream interpreters out there? 🙂

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