Lot of the Rings

I enjoyed shopping for the wedding bands.


I think PL did too.

Well, as much as we can “enjoy” shopping. As a rule, we don’t.

We decided to get this over with (because we don’t like shopping), and we went to NEX at Serangoon. There are lots of jewellery shops there. In the course of over an hour, we hit 4 maybe 5 shops, and got the “wedding couple” treatment at all of the shops. Every store would have plush, decorated seats in front of the counter with wedding bands. It was quite… ostentatious? loud? o-biang? Tacky? Ok. Let’s go with tacky.

We looked at the various rings with various options. One option allowed considerable customisation in terms of pattern or style, and whether to include stones. I was a little overwhelmed.

To help me cope, I asked each store rep to provide their business card, write down the inventory or whatever ID number of the rings we fancied, as well as the price, and I would use it as a reference. They were quite cooperative.

Anyway, after about 5 shops, we decided to assess our reactions, and again, PL and I came to about the same conclusion. We narrowed it down to the same 2 shops, and she made the final decision. She explained her choice, and while I was leaning towards the other shop, I did not have any strong feelings about it. So I agreed and we went with Lee Hwa.

We both have simple tastes and we liked the wedding bands to be simple. Not flashy or loud. No stones for me. Simple white gold. I dunno why the jewellery industry insists on calling yellow gold “rose gold”. If a rose was that colour, I think it would be on the verge of death or dehydration.

So we went back to the shop. Placed our order. Got our fingers sized (or the rings sized?) for the rings.

PL had a small understated stone embedded in the ring. Both rings had a simple “ribbon” effect rippling around. It was not too complicated, but at the same time had character.

We took less than two hours to shop for our wedding bands.

We must really hate shopping!

But I enjoyed shopping for our wedding bands.

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