Wedding gowns and suits

We went to select our gowns and suit yesterday (Friday 22 Feb).

I must say, we enjoyed ourselves. PL and I saw her in wedding gowns for the first time, and the reality of the wedding is becoming clearer.

She looked beautiful. And shy. And brave. And wonderful. And troubled (by the challenge of walking without being able to see your feet, while standing in stilts).

Again, our choice or preference seems to show our similarity in taste, We both agreed on the final two, but there our choices diverged, But she had additional factors to weigh. Literally!

She chose the simpler gown because the other was a little heavier, and the train was a little longer. I couldn’t have known that. 🙂

One of the gowns we rejected had really big poofy “bubbles” or puffs in the skirt. I said it would be really useful for CNY visiting. We could keep oranges in those poofy puffs.

Or pomelos.

The first evening gown made her look like a lounge hostess. We rejected it.

The second was a little better. A higher class lounge hostess. Or a high-class mamasan.

But we agreed we liked the third which was more toned down. The fourth was not terrible, but the third was better.

Then it was my turn.

The first was a pattern from Korea with double lapels. It make me look like a lounge singer, if lounge singers were a little portly, had thinning hair, and looked like your uncle. It was nice but unseemly for someone my age to try to be a aged boy band reject.

So we settled on a shiny grey suit for me. Too shiny for my taste, but oh well. At least the wedding will be memorable. I have a shiny grey tie, And a red shirt to go with it.

Then we settled on the cars and the bouquet. Here we had no preferences and we let ourselves be guided by the bridal agency.

Again, it is important to trust your service agent. Because we did, we accepted that her recommendations were in our best interest. So we picked the flowers without too much fuss or angst (we probably won’t remember the bouquet a year from the wedding!)

Then we settled the transportation. And set dates for her to have her trial make-up, and to have a final fitting for the gowns and suit.

And we were done. Painless and actually quite enjoyable.

It’s like sex I guess. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong.

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