What we see in each other… or why we are together

The usual.



Last chance for happiness.

Trying to stop nagging parents.

Govt policies.

You know. The usual reasons why people get together.

The end.


You’re still reading?

You didn’t understand, “The end”?

You DON’T believe me?

Ask PL!


Aaaaannnnndddddd…. you’re still here.

You wanna believe that it’s more.

You hopeless romantic, you!

I don’t know what she sees in me, so this is just my guess. (No I don’t ask her about what she thinks before I Blog. Whaddaya think I am? Married to her?)

I guess if I were to sum up why we are together: I like to tell jokes and she likes to laugh. If I’m asked that in the lift, that would be my snappy answer. (Why would anyone ask such a “cheem” question in the lift with only seconds to answer, and possibly total strangers eavesdropping on our conversation? I’m not going to have time nor the inclination to give you a deep thoughtful answer! Fortunately, so far, I don’t seem to have any such friends. But NOW that I’ve mentioned it publicly… let’s see what next week brings!)

I’d like to think that she finds me funny, caring, intelligent, goofy, and occasionally, silly, On very frequent occasions. Or is it “silly and occasionally goofy”?

I don’t know. I look at her sometimes and ask her, “why are you with me?”

She just smiles.

Or calls me “silly”. Or “goofy”.

I think we have common values. We both are very practical and pragmatic people, hence no argument about the wedding preparations so far. She’s not into showy things, so I didn’t have to embarrass myself by proposing to her at the F1 podium or something.

We both value authentic experiences to symbolism and tokens and tokenism. Reality to Rituals.

But we are not TOTALLY against rituals (or we won’t be getting married in a church… or having a wedding dinner). So at the same time we have a respect for customs and traditions… within reason. 🙂 And our level or standard of what is “reasonable” seems to be the same.

We shared the same ideas about what is important. Or so far, what we considered important has been the same. Or what I deemed important, and if she does not, she’s perfectly willing to give in, and what she deems important, but I don’t, I give in. (Why fight over what you have no views on?)

And so far what we deem important, our position seems to be the same or compatible.

We are both observers more than participants in life. Mainly because we like to laugh at participants. We’re evil that way.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate what these people are trying to do, but that their idealism gets the better of them. Usually. Idealists are betting on longshots which means, most of the time they lose. But sometimes – a rare sometimes – they win. And when they win, they win SPECTACULARLY.

Which brings us to the next thing we have in common. We are not gamblers. No long shots for us. We are neither hopeless romantics, naive idealists, nor cynical skeptics. OK, I’m a cynical skeptic, but she isn’t.

I guess that’s what I like about her.

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