Living Together

Some people has been asking, where would we stay. After the wedding.

Well, I have my own place. It’s near the office. I can walk to work. It’s convenient.

People who know PL, knows she’s… a workaholic. She goes to office by 7 AM each morning, and also goes in on Saturday mornings as well. Some have told her that after she moves in with me, she would be able to get to office by 6!

Some others have asked her if the reason she’s marrying me is to have the convenience of a home near the office.

It is the closest thing to camping in the office.

I should charge her rent!

So yeah. I guess we just assume she would move in. Refurnishing or renovating the place is not a priority. All she wants is a bed.

And of course closet space.

I’ve been to her place and her wardrobe is overflowing. But she says, it’s just a matter of sorting the still in use, from the not-used-or-worn-anymore.

And like most single men living by myself with a too-big flat (for 1 person), junk has expanded to fill the void, as nature abhors a vacuum… and so do bachelors who don’t do housekeeping.

I tried to live simply, but it requires a discipline I lack. Thing pile up. Chores are postponed. And the mess gets messier. I think this is how Hoarders start out.

Fortunately, getting married has derailed my destiny with Hoardership, as I start to clean up the place and start planning to throw things out. To make room for the lady in my life.

Wish me luck!

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  1. blian says:

    Love this piece of writing !

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