Why Boon Lay Raja Restaurant

We chose Boon Lay Raja for the food.

I’ve gone to enough wedding dinner where the food was bleah.

Over CNY, a relative told about a dinner at Shangri-la Hotel. Great ambience. Ghastly food. It was probably not bad, but for the price, ghastly.

A colleague said she went to Boon Lay Raja during the CNY weekend, and agreed that the food there was good. She mentioned that for many restaurants, during CNY they pre-cooked the food because of the crowd and the shortage of kitchen staff. But not at Boon Lay Raja. She said the food was fresh and prepared only when ordered.

Another ex-colleague has attended MANY (ok, maybe three) wedding dinners at Boon Lay Raja. And agreed that her friends were probably cheap but had good taste. She needs to make a better class of friends. Friends that would get married in Shangri-la Hotel so she can have a chance to dress up.

Another colleague shared that she too had her wedding dinner at Boon Lay Raja… 24 years ago! I’ll ask her if she wants to renew her wedding vows and share the costs. šŸ™‚

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