Losing my first argument before marriage…

So we were bantering via whatsapp, and I was suggesting we could maybe set PL’s brother up with some of her colleagues who would be attending the wedding, and at the end, I texted, “we’re so evil. Not yet married but already being marriage evangelists!”

She replied, “you started it!”

“You didn’t have to follow!”

“You’re a bad influence. Anyway, Chinese saying, marry chicken, follow the chicken…”

“That’s what Adam said. ‘The woman gave me to eat and I ate. I didn’t know it was forbidden fruit!’

But God toss his ass out of Eden anyway!”

“But Adam’s a guy. And i’m Chinese. So Chinese saying applies.”

“You’re born Chinese. But you chose to be Catholic. So you have to follow your choice.”

“I choose to follow whatever advantages me!”

“That’s what I say!”

“I told you, you were a bad influence!”

I lose.

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