How to pick a wedding date.

First, ask everyone that matters when they would like to see us married. Then after they have given their feedback, realise that we should just elope. Or follow Aunt T’s advice and just live together.

As mentioned in a previous post, PL’s grandmother wanted us married before Chinese New Year 2013 (i.e. 10 Feb, 2013). We told her it was not possible.

PL’s mother was more reasonable and was hoping for June or earlier.

PL wanted a church wedding, so we checked with the Church (Catholic). We were informed that we either had to attend a marriage preparation course, or spend a weekend at Engaged Encounter. We picked EE, but the earliest weekend left was in April. Which means the earliest we could get married in a Catholic Church was May. The priest won’t even TALK to us until after we finish the EE (or MPC). Well, not quite true. We could book him and the church. But just as a tentative booking.

So apparently some couples don’t make it thru EE (or MPC). So booking the church before going thru EE is kind of premature… Then they should’ve also advised against booking the restaurant (or hotel) and putting down a deposit, booking the honeymoon, buying the wedding rings, etc!

When I complete the EE, I’ll post the 10 year series answers here.

Oh, and if you don’t pass the EE, you can still get married. Just not in Church (Catholic). We should report the Church for not promoting marriage!

Oh, and the church said I needed to produce my baptism certificate. Great!

I don’t recall ever having shown my bapt cert to anyone for any reason. When my dad passed away in 2008, we cleared his room, and we found several important documents that he was holding for us, but I did not find my bapt cert.

My brother said I could just get the church to send me the extract from their registry. So I email IHM church. The nice lady wrote back to say that she checked the records for over a year from my birth date, but could find no record of my baptism. Was I sure I was baptised in that church? Well, I was not sentient at the time, but I was from that parish. I checked with my mom and she was certain I was baptised there too. So the nice lady searched again.

The next day I called her and she said she checked by name and found two names which were quite similar.

“Those are my brothers!” I said.

“Yes, I found them, but not yours. Maybe you were not baptised here.” She suggested.

Maybe I wasn’t baptised at all? Maybe I had been living a lie all this while! Maybe I was never Catholic! No wonder i don’t go to church anymore!

“Sometimes people do to other churches to be baptised Maybe you could check with nearby churches.” She suggested.

I asked my God-mother, and she could not remember where I was baptised. She spoke to my mom and later suggested that I tried SFX church which was her parish. My God-father did not like to travel and the baptism may have been held there to accommodate his preference.

I wrote to SFX.

Three days or so later, I received a letter from them with the extract of my baptism and confirmation record.

I was baptised Catholic after all.

We wanted to get married in Oct, so we could then go on our honeymoon in Japan in fall, and see the pretty colours. So we asked (or rather PL asked) her mother to pick a date that if not very auspicious, would at least not be inauspicious.

She suggested 5 October, and we took it.

And invited immediate family.

BUT… it would have meant that my brother in Canada would not be able to join us as his kids would be in school. So we adjusted to 20 July, during the school summer break.

Family is important. 🙂

And we changed our honeymoon to New Zealand. In July. I will have a chance to use my 6-in-1 parka again!

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One Response to How to pick a wedding date.

  1. Alfred says:

    July in NZ? Man, you braver than I believed.
    Or is it the opportunity to huddle together because it’s so cold? Heh heh heh. See, my brain still in the gutter : )

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