Food Tasting – 31 Jan 2013

And I am reminded that wedding dinners are also about tradition, custom, auspicious signs, and form over function.

For the food tasting, we invited PL’s parents and her brother. So I met him for the first time. With my memory for faces, I don’t think I can remember what he looks like now!!!

Anyway, we liked the deep-fried Soon Hock, but PL’s mother rightly pointed out that many of the guests will be older and would appreciate a tender steamed pomfret. My mom commented that the curled up deep-fried fish did not look auspicious.

So we are reverting to the Pomfret steamed “Teochew” style, instead of the much better tasting (IMHO) deep-fried Soon Hock.

PL’s mom also preferred scallop to the “zhejiang” pork ribs which were a little spicy. She also said that there was nothing special about pork ribs.

As for the cereal prawns which we chose because it is a kids favourite, once again form over-rode function. Cereal prawns is considered low class as it is a dish from “Tze Char” stalls, and not usually served at wedding banquets. So we will revert to the original braised prawns. The cereal prawns were shelled for convenience and my brother-in-law commented that the restaurant would probably be happy to replace the fresh prawns with shelled cereal prawns as they were probably from frozen prawns and so cheaper.

PL’s mother said that prawns with the shell on would probably be juicier and tenderer as the shell kept the moisture in. My brother agreed that she had a point. And suddenly the cereal prawn seemed hard dry frozen and cheap. And I don’t even eat prawns!!!

So we are going back to the original menu. 🙂

Well, the good thing is as the groom, I would not have much chance to eat that night, so it’s all fine with me. At least I got to eat what I liked today.

And there’s something to be said for Form over Function.

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