Getting Married is an Expensive Undertaking


No new revelations here. This is just me tracking my expenses…

First there’s the engagement ring.

Then the deposit for the restaurant where we would have our wedding banquet,

Then there’s the wedding rings.

Then booking flights & hotels for the honeymoon.

Then the Bridal gown, suit and package.

When we were paying for the bridal package, the agency salesperson asked me what I preferred (how nice of her!), I said, “Whatever she (pointing to PL) wants or likes. I’m just here to provide the credit card.” She smiled knowingly and nodded.

I said to PL, “You pick the gown. The suits all look the same on the guys. And my role is just to sign for the credit card. As long as everyone understands their role, there will be no problem!”

And we laughed.

A wedding is one of the woman’s most important day of her life and it is ALL about her. As long as we keep that in mind, everything will be fine.

The nice thing is that PL’s taste doesn’t run up an expense. And she has as much patience as I do for minutiae. After scanning thru a few albums of gowns, she declares, “They all look about the same!” And I agreed.

The Bridal agent was quite helpful and said, “you should come to the shop to see what’s available and to get fitted. The gown may look good on the specific model, but it may not fit you or your style.”

Which I thought was very good advice.

And wedding favours… Then we picked two favours, one more for the women, and one more generic… then I wondered if I should get separate ones for the kids. But sanity returned and we stuck with the two.

Unrelated to the wedding, but part of our beginning was the apartment I bought in Feb 2012. I bought it in part because of the impending move of my workplace, and the new apartment (which is being developed) will be ready about the same time as the expected but as yet unannounced move of my workplace. I also bought the apartment as a potential investment – for rental income. But mostly, I bought it because it was a penthouse unit, with a jacuzzi.

How cool is that?

BUT it mean wiping out most of my life savings for the down payment, and a revised retirement plan. I bought the apartment with PL by my side. Maybe I was also trying to impress her.

And that was the start of my financial ruin!

But the crazy thing is, I’m heading to my financial ruin with a smile on my face.

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One Response to Getting Married is an Expensive Undertaking

  1. Ginny says:

    so sweet!!! 😀 so happy for the both of you 😀

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